By completing the activities below, you will earn Opus Points and enjoy various exclusive benefits available only on

Welcome to the #OPUSPOINT Program at Opus One! We are delighted to show our appreciation to our loyal customers. In this program, every purchase worth Rp.100,000  will earn you 1 point.

Now, you have the opportunity to receive an exclusive Free Gift from Opus One! To qualify, you need to accumulate a total of 40 points. This means you’ll need to spend a total of Rp.4.000.000 on your purchases.

So, don’t miss out on this opportunity! Shop on Opus One’s website, collect points, and receive this special Free Gift. We hope that the #OPUSPOINT program will make your shopping experience more rewarding and enjoyable. Enjoy the benefits now!

Opus One Member Benefit

10% Disc for the first purchase and 5% Disc for the next purchase.

Birthday Special : 5% discount of your purchase.

Discounts do not apply to best-selling products, including Tulipa Series, Winona Waterlily Gold Series, Somerset Shire Series, The East Marigold Series, Zaabit The Rabbit Series, Cartoon Blond Series, Rintik Shibori Series, Udaka Series, BohemianSeries , Cakrawala Series, Yagomi Series, Moonstone Series, Valerian Meadows Series, Maurice Waffle and Cookies Series, Mimosa Lace Series, Cactus Keepsakes Series, and 5Fish Series

Complete your birthday information in Account Settings and enjoy a 5% discount on your special day.

This restriction is non-negotiable and applies to all promotions and discount codes.

The list of excluded best-selling products may change, with updates communicated through official channels.

The company may modify eligibility without notice, and its decision is final in case of disputes.

Customers should regularly check for updates on best-selling product eligibility for discounts.